I'm Laura Lowe, a writer, organist, pianist, and independent piano instructor in Evans, GA. I have an undergraduate degree in English and a masters in organ performance, so no surprise that I enjoy writing about the literary and musical arts and their intersection with faith. I'm married to a great hubby (a Navy vet), and we have a 14-year-old daughter, two incorrigible dogs, a cat, and a goldfish - if it survives the cat. I have lived in 10 different cities and have served on the staff of 11 different churches in 7 different denominations, including a year spent as organ scholar at Harvard Memorial Church. I'm currently a member of the United Methodist Church, though I consider myself an EpiscoMethoAngliMenical, and taking a sabbatical from being a church organist. To everything there is a season.

The Piano Studio, my blog for piano teachers, has been around since 2009 and has been called influential by Clavier Companion Magazine. My compositions and arrangements for piano students are available for purchase at Sheet Music Plus Press, and I have some photos available for licensing at Dreamstime.

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